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This week at Trinity 100 Years ago…

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October 7, 1910

“Trinity 21, Worcester 0. ‘Tech’ Men Go Down Before Superior Team Work—Trinity Plays Well in First Game”

Mention is made of Hudson, “a big, 200-pound freshman who played full-back,” who “came to Trinity from Shattuck School, in Fairbault, Minnesota, where he played for two years on a championship preparatory school team.”  He “suffered a severe wrench of the left ankle” while dodging two other players, which was “the first accident he has ever sustained from football.”  Tough luck, injured in the first game of the season!

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This week @ Trinity, 100 years ago…

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September 27, 1910

“Freshman Win Both Rushes”

The freshman were victorious in both of yesterday’s rushes, winning the bulletin-board rush and the rope rush in rather easy style.  The sophomores were simply outnumbered, and are to be congratulated on their spirit in putting up a hard fight in the face of almost certain defeat.”  [The rope rush was new that year, and was described thus]: “At a signal from the referee’s whistle the two bands of shouting contestants rushed furiously at each other with an energy that became somewhat abated before the conflict was declared a victory for 1914.  Each man was armed with a four-foot length of rope and as he encountered a man from the opposing class he strove to tie him in such a manner that there would be no chance of his farther entering the battle . . . in previous years “Bloody Monday” rushes have been more or less farcical, but in no way could this be so termed . . . the college body, who witnessed the conflict as interested spectators from the sidelines, decided that there was no doubt as to the practicability of this new rush, and it will be a welcome substitute for the “push rushes” of former years, which maimed several men and were otherwise brutal.”

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This week at Trinity, 100 years ago…

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From the Tripod, September 23, 1910:

“Largest Class in History of Trinity is 1914”  [100 students]

“Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen!  The cheer, raised for the first time on Trinity campus, told last night of the invasion of a new class, green it may be, but because of that very greenness full of new vigor and fresh blood.  For more than a week these men have been arriving in small contingents, asking questions, attempting entrance examinations, dining as honored guests of the several fraternities—all of which was by way of preparation for their four-year career as Trinity men.  That they will be Trinity men of the true type is the hope and belief of those who have given them their welcome—professors, officers, students.”


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